September 30, 2008

Memories of a burnt room

I found out this morning that the faculty room in Pisay's humanities building got roasted. I'm not sure what impact it has on current and future pisay-tizens, but as an alumni, I do have some memories and recollections of that large room.

One can go there to just sit down. It was generally quiet, had 2 couches and moderate ventilation. There was a certain something about it, both eerie and serene. Well, most of the rooms in the humanities bldg had this quality, with generations of the best minds leaving subtle traces of their four years stay.

I went to the faculty room to submit stuff like book reports, homework, etc. Sometimes there is an envelope to receive it, like the one in the picture. At times you have to slide it under the door. If either of those fail, you can just toss it over because these cubicles aren't closed at the top.

Speaking of open cubicles, there was more than one occasion that I had to go over them myself. No, nothing related to mischief or wrong doing, but upon the request of the occupant. One of my teachers left her keys there and could not find a janitor to help her out. Reluctantly, she asked me if I was willing to go over, which I was :P

This wasn't too easy as you have to avoid breaking the glass window, get dirtied by the dusty sill/edge and land somewhere not crushing anything including your bones. Better then that now at least, the door frame would probably buckle at my current weight :))

How about you? What memories do you have of the faculty room?

September 14, 2008

Sharpening Skills

Recently I've taken a liking to a weird hobby. After watching a documentary about samurai swords, I suddenly took interest in sharpening knives.

We have always had an old fine sharpening stone. It was already pretty broken up, but still usable. One day I was doing my groceries, and I found out that the store was selling brand-new stones. I was so amused at finding it that I bought it right away and wanted to try it.

I took a picture of the knife’s edge, before I started and when I was satisfied. For the pictures I used one remote flash and reversing the kit-lens to achieve macro.

I found the process of repetitive grinding very therapeutic. It does not take a lot of thinking, but just a bit of instinct and feel. I do not recommend this to people with unsteady hands nor those with soft/thin skin.

After finding out of my current fancy, my mom told me stories about my lolo. He was a native of Betis, Guagua, Pampanga and was a very skilled wood carver. He was very passionate about what he did and borderline Obsessive-Compulsive about his tools. He would spend time sharpening his stuff like chisels and saws. I’m a bit proud of inheriting some of his skill with his hands, height and maybe looks. Cheers, gramps. Keep watching over us.

September 09, 2008


Read the full article here.

Bryan Macabales, an information and technology consultant and chief operating officer of an outsourcing company, noted that for people who work at home, electricity and the Internet are almost like air. "It is something that you would rather use then pay for later," he said.
Thanks Ava!

30 Things: Rushing Towards My 30th

A friend challenged me to do 30 things I've never done before I turn 30. I'm not sure if I can manage to reach that number, but I'd be happy to give it a try. I'm not much for planning things out and chasing after them, so I'd rather list the 30 things as I go.

  1. I've Speed Dated!
  2. I've Sprained myself! :(
  3. I've been Quoted! :D
  4. ...
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. ...
  8. ...
  9. ...
  10. ...
  11. ...
  12. ...
  13. ...
  14. ...
  15. ...
  16. ...
  17. ...
  18. ...
  19. ...
  20. ...
  21. ...
  22. ...
  23. ...
  24. ...
  25. ...
  26. ...
  27. ...
  28. ...
  29. ...
  30. ...
Any suggestions? :)

August 17, 2008

Sprain, Sprain Go Away

I would have liked to report a positive first, but I said I'll take these things as they come. I don't remember if I've ever gotten a sprain before, so this will count as a first.

It's not even the regular ankle sprain that you get when one twists their ankle. The bruising and pain are similar, but I attribute this one to setting a heavy weight on my foot (not my weight, as Shirney humorously pointed out). *Sigh*, to think I had to miss the Dumagat Med Mission for this. T_T.

The doctor also asked me to get 'Blood Chemistry' testing. He wants to check if I am diabetic, as bruising like this might be a symptom. I've been putting off getting a blood chem before this, too lazy and unwilling to fast for 12 hours :P. So I'd have to get one, once I've drank all my meds.

Before the meds that the doctor prescribed, I was drinking biogesic, then alaxan. I knew that they were wearing off when the pain, feverish heat and headaches start to turn up again. So aside from the sprain, I also had fever. Just great...

If you're feeling a bit of Schadenfreude, be my guest.

July 28, 2008

PhD in Horribleness

Horribleness is actually a noun :))

A recommendation from Aidz led me to watch "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog".

If you're a fan of musicals, comedy, HIMYM, and/or Neil Patrick Harris, you've got to watch this one.

Oh, I've also awarded myself a PhD in Horribleness. Why not get yourself one too? :P

July 26, 2008

Haste Makes Dates?

I kinda knew what Speed Dates are from Hitch and similar movies/series. So when Pisay98 planned one as a fund raiser, I want interested in trying it.

Geek Mode!

Let X=number of pairs. You'll have X number of dates of around 3minutes each.
Let Y be your assigned number.

You have to compete with the voices of 2X-2 to be able to have an audible conversation with your current date.

In the end you are allowed to write up to X/2 - 2 assigned numbers of the opposite sex. If any of those ladies are interested in meeting up with you again, you'll be 1:(X/2-2) that she chose out of X possible men.

So, I'm happy to report that I did ok :) I had 2 matches :P

July 24, 2008

Yehey! Shame on you...

Live Page

If you didn't catch it, ask me :P

Thanks to Bug for the heads-up

June 30, 2008

Working Through Pain

This is one of six titles in the Anime-inspired story collection 'Batman Gotham Knight'. The whole movie show glimpses of Bruce Wayne/Batman through different eyes and directing styles.

Some of the directors have worked in projects such as the Animatrix, Tsubasa Chronicles, Meine Liebe, Mind Game, etc. Production houses include Madhouse, Production IG, Studio 4 C, Studio Deen.

Watch it if you get the chance, and see how Japanese animate this masochistic bat-fetishist hero :P

June 23, 2008

Stormy Day Adventure

The Tropical Storm "Frank" raged last night and left problems like flooding, brownouts and stranded passengers. So rather than getting work done, I decided to sleep over at the office as the rain /winds were strong and power/internet was probably down everywhere.

Around lunch today I decided to force my way home. I rode a cab, but he dropped me off a couple of blocks away, saying that my destination was severely flooded. I was a bit pissed so I changed my mind and commuted. It was fine until we stopped around St. Luke's, unable to go forward due to a couple of blocks waist deep in flood.

Not sure what my train of thought was, but I ended up taking the most tedious solution: I walked.

Without familiarity of the area nor landmarks to guide me, I soldiered on and just kept walking. I backtracked a couple of times, blocked by subdivisions or more floods. The map below shows the path I took, St. Luke's to Capitol Medical.
It was kinda fun knowing where you are, where you want to go, but not knowing how to get there.

June 08, 2008


Macross Awesomeness (1600x1131. 481kb) (original is 2480x1754)

This is a poster I designed to be hung at home and the office. It was inspired by Barney Stinson's Awesomeness poster, but mine has a twist of Macross.

The Valkyrie portraits are by Tenjin Hidetaka.

April 30, 2008

A secret I will never tell...

Such a dirty little secret.

Ok, I'll spill it...

I watch Gossip Girl!

There, I said it.

For the hype? Maybe.

For the story? Probably.

For Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester? Hell yeah!

March 28, 2008

I'm Sorry John Lloyd!

Not that I did anything to him. Call it karma.

JL is shown in commercials as this guy who is healthy, careful and preempts fevers by taking biogesic. Well, biogesic is an institution so its hard to go wrong with that. Then I heard this news that JL crashed due to flu(trankaso). The ebil side of me laughed, thinking that would be a tough blow to both JL and the aforementioned medicine.

Some higher power must have waited for a nasty strain and sent it my way. All for laughing at others' misfortune.

And what a FUCKING BITCH this flu was and I don't think I've ever had it this bad. Aching extremities, uncomfortably hot body temperature, general weakness, extremely muddled brain activity, spasmodic chills, liquid poop forcing you to wake up and dump; all within symptoms of flu, so says fda.

Ok, karma... you got me good. Bring back my normal poop.

"I got dirty... I got stinky... but see, I learned" - kid from a milk commercial

PS. The image is a hip-shot by mic. Was annoying her with my expression.

March 18, 2008

Maundy Sunsets

Originally named 'Da Manila Bay Sunset Festival', brainchild of Oliver 'bug' Uy, this project kinda evolved since people will be on vacation in various places during the Holy Week.

If you want to join in, just take a picture of the sunset during Maundy Thursday (or Friday/Saturday can work too) and send in your best one. You can email me the photo or the link where you uploaded it. I'll collate them with proper credits and post them in an independent site/page.

Come on, join us :) Watch/shoot the sunset and reflect on life and the holy week.

So far we have photo pledges from Manila Bay(Bug,Mika,Bmac), Davao(Ther), Bicol(Miriam) and Bataan(Tseri). Game?

March 12, 2008

Gundam 7 Dynamite 01

Crazy spoof I made of some anime.

Elements: Stinky Dried Starfish, RX-93 vGundam, Cebu Magnet Guitar, Bohol Sand, one of the Onsen Girls.

March 08, 2008

Haado Lessons (Hard Lessons)

Breaking Point

A little boy bought a 34k lens thinking it would be a good investment; good optics, rugged construction. He then bought a 4.5k RF flash trigger so he can be like strobist.

The foolish little boy went and shot an event for free, then dropped his gear... smashing a lot of it. Only the camera body survived.

Banpei: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L

The Lens' front glass chipped and flew off.

The metal barrel holding the focusing group deformed and cracked. It rendered the lens unusable.
RF triggers Old and New

The RF flash trigger shattered into a hundred pieces.

Asking for Help

I took my time and finally decided to bring the lens to Canon for repairs. The service person gave me a form stating "drop damaged" and had the number of the guy who will check it out. After a week, I called and they said the estimate cost... 33k! WTF! I can buy another one at that price! On a whim, and as if to punish myself, I said to proceed with the repair.

After a month, they called me, said that the parts arrived then asked me if I wanted to go through with it. My head was clearer and I asked if it was reasonable to continue with the repair. After a few nudges, the girl admitted that they didn't feel hopeful nor agreeable with proceeding. I at last got the message that "make us fix this mess you've made and we'll really make you pay for it". So I asked the girl if it's still possible to pull it out, to which she said it's okay up until they really start. Feeling both relieved and disappointed, I made the decision to pull out.

I claimed my lens a few days after and the service person even exclaimed "good choice" when he saw the estimate cost on the repair. Yet another indication of the "just buy a new one" message. I went home no closer to getting back a usable telephoto zoom lens.

With Canon throwing in the towel, it came time for DIY Brymac to spring into action.

Mending A Broken Heart

I started disassembly but got stuck at some point because I met screws that held together metal pieces. These were soft and flimsy screws and my current tools didn't provide enough rotational torque to unscrew them. With the risk of 'loose thread', I decided to reassemble and put off until i buy proper equipment.

I went to Raon (area in Quiapo with electronics/tools/parts galore). I first went to good old DEECO but was disappointed to find that the smallest philips they had was a #0, which didn't feel small enough for my needs. But I bought a Stanley Precision screw set anyway @180php. Also bought a small magnifying lens and ultra sharp tweezers. Walked a bit more and saw a plain set for 60php. My final stop was the goldmine, forgot the name of the shop but they had a Butterfly brand set@150php with a #00! I went home a happy shopper and got back to repair. The first few screws were good boys and went out quietly. Two out of ten lost thread quickly, and I was stuck again. I was fuming at how flimsy they were, but suddenly had a brainwave. Since they were so flimsy, I continued screwing (hahaha), saw that the screwdriver was intact and the screwhead was deteriorating. So after an hour of screwing, I got to behead two screws and I was progressing in stripping the lens.

The focusing lenses were stuck not because of embedded glass shards, but because the barrel it moved in cracked and got deformed. It was like using a cylindrical piston in an elliptical pipe. I cleaned/lubed the barrel, and used a vice grip to reshape it.

I discovered that the manual mode of focusing wasn't really manual. Sensors detect how much you rotate the focusing ring and sends that information to the UltraSonic Motor (USM) and it moves the focusing lenses for you. Seeing as the USM might be dead or doesn't have enough muscle to move the lenses thru the imperfect barrel, I planned to connect the external focusing ring directly to the internal mechanism. After studying the moving parts, I found the ones I needed and used super glue to bind 2 rings. I left it a bit to dry then reassembled. I snapped a film circuit connector thingie, but I'll fix that some other day.

After all that trouble, I was rewarded because it worked, according to plan. Yes, the focusing is manual now and like arm-wrestling a gorilla, but it works! I have a telephoto zoom again, with good glass XD.

Just in time too, the Cebu Bohol trip was around the corner. My family and myself too, was glad the telephoto zoom was back in action. I thus rename the reborn lens from Banpei to "NOBLE SCARLET" after Skuld's angel.

Some pictures the revived lens were able to take:

February 16, 2008

Marie Digby on Smallville

I've been taken to this lady for a while, listening/watching her songs on youtube. I like her renditions of Nelly Furtado's Say It Right, Rihanna's Umbrella, and her original song Stupid For You.

While watching Smallville, her first official Single "Say It Again" suddenly plays and declared as Kara's favorite song :)

Go get them Marie!

Edit: Apparently, she already sang in a previous episode :P

February 11, 2008


The rest of the 12th Hot Air Balloon(less) Fiesta Pics

January 29, 2008

Trivial Four

Four jobs I have had in my life: *
1. Student Assistant (SAL UP EEE)
2. Instructor (Pisay, OLGP-VTS, DFA)
3. Web Developer (UP HRDO, Cube, AIQ)
4. Shutter for Hire/Photographer

Are you bulimic Ther? You read my mind :))

Four places I have lived: *
1. Balintawak, QC
2. SAL
3. RE's Place
4. Adrian's Place

Four places I have been: *
1. Pangasinan
2. La Union
3. Pampanga
4. Boracay

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Jolly Choco Hazelnut Sandwich
2. Triple Egg Soup
3. Lengua
4. Nilaga

Four places I'd rather be:
1. Boracay
2. Japan
3. Google Labs
4. M5 with Kari Byron

*Four friends or relatives I think will respond first:
1. Mika
2. Dionne
3. Mic
4. Markku

January 28, 2008

My First... and The Last I'd Ever Need

I once read a story about a man that died due to his greed (summary). It is one of my early lessons in "Needs" and "Wants". In a twisted way, one can interpret is as "secure what you need, then go for what you want :P"

So when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to buy the last thing I'd probably need. It's a 12"x12"x12" niche located in Our Lady of Grace Parish, Caloocan City. This is despite the fact that I haven't decided if I'd like to be buried, burned or burned-and-sprinkled-over-a-lake. I doubt if I'd care what happens to my remains anyway when I'm dead :))

Living for the Now, ready for tomorrow :D

(grabe, kahit ang daming smilies, morbid pa rin ng topic)