April 02, 2015

DIY Battery Cover for YN468-II

The YN468-II has good features and a dependable enough flash for its price, but  the plastic they used on the battery cover just doesn't cut it. After some time, the hinges broke, then it even split in half. I was able to repair the cover, but after a rough event, we lost it.

Was planning to replace it with plastic as well, but I found that the metal cover for desktop pci slots seemed like a good fit. I cut, bent and filed it into shape. I took contacts/connector from an old/broken flash and placed it using Nail Polish and Masking Tape (since the cover is metal, insulating it from the contacts is critical). I left it under the sun to dry and harden.

I'm happy to report that it works well, and I might keep the metal finish as it looks more badass XD.