September 29, 2004

Tribute to Azumanga Daioh and Mac

Here's something I made using a concept I picked up from a similar wallpaper.

How wondrous it is to be able to both love and hate.

Where I got this line? I made it myself.
Why? Because I like cats in general but hate where they indiscriminately poop.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday cleaning up the front our house cause a stray cat marked it as her 'spot'. All this because a neighbor decided to be smart and put the cat's poop on one of my plants. I had to dispose of all the plants and their pots, as the 'mark' will never leave the soil. Had to use liberal amounts of Chlorox and Insecticide to eliminate any traces of the scent.

Quoting Phoebe from "Friends":
" Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
You're getting fat

I think that I'm gonna be sick
It's your ears, and nose and pick
Part of it, tempt me"

September 26, 2004

Azumi Kakkoii-desu!!!

"Azumi is Cool!!!"

You may think that I'm referring to that famous AV idol, but I'm not. Its the title of a Japanese film released in 2003 and is the name of the main character. Its the story of 10 orphaned children raised and trained by a ninja to become assassins whose mission is to kill power-seeking warlords. You can say its a young and pretty female version of kenshin, but the 'essentials' are there: swordfights, oceans of blood and queer antagonists. Don't pass up an opportunity to watch it.

September 25, 2004

Blast my desire, break off the barrier!

Body pains sort of subsided, almost 2 weeks into the dF sessions. I'm currently shuffling between Tae-bo Advanced and Cardio, which sort of feels right.

Live-evil and Ideology recently released their fansub of Initial D stage 4 ep 5&6. These episodes show how 'lady-luck' is head-over-heels in love with Takumi. BTW, the title of this blog is a line from iD's end song.

Smallville Season 4 also started. Ohhh Lana, ur so hot!!! At least most of the old cast are still there, as opposed to what I heard from somewhere. More Lana scenes please!!!

September 19, 2004

Hairy Potpot

Woke up again with nagging body pains. I wanted to try the Tae-bo cardio work-out so I went ahead and did it. The "cardio" catch word wasn't a joke, since it was truly non-stop.

I suddenly had the urge to update the Harry Potter Quiz since I just learned that book 6 would be entitled "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". The changes are mostly facial, edited colors and shapes. Other changes are: added a Loader, aligned the answer, exported as transparent and added an HTML image gradient.

Back to studying stuff and work. Haven't been doing either *rotfl*.

September 17, 2004

Barely Survived deFattening Session No. 4

*gasp* *pant* *wheeeezeee*

Thats what I got by trusting my flabs to a black guy (Billy Blanks). The weather is not helping either, mornings are so cold that my muscles feel like stone or lead. Well, I hope it does work out in the long run. I've also acquired a Cardio version of Tae-bo, will try that tomorrow or the day after.

I recently watched Ghost in the Shell Innocence. The animation was incredible, superior to the first movie and may even be above that of Macross Zero. But overall, the plot and pacing of the first one is a lot better. Its well worth the watch anyway!

September 11, 2004

That's So Fat, Dude!

Its the week that I wanted to turn 'social'. What do I get for it? Pokes left and right suggesting that I'm fat.

"Bry, we really need to jog"
"Bry, its too early for you to have a belly"

I know that I am. Well, I'm not mad or anything, coz they weren't meant as insults. I feel that they are concerned enough to hint it to me. It actually makes me half wish I still had that gallstone, when I couldn't digest cholesterol. But since time cannot be turned back, I decided to do Tae-Bo again. Its been more than a year since I was able to finish the CD, but I felt absolutely great after accomplishing it. Here's hoping I'll be able to keep it up ^_^.