December 04, 2010

CDRKing 600VA UPS Sale

Bought one of these some time ago for around 700 php (a bit more than 50% orig cost). They can test it for you but they don't offer a warranty for it.

It works ok, but I opened it today, and surprise...

They replaced the big 12V 10Ah-ish battery with a half-sized 12V 5Ah.
So that's why it was cheap :P

Not sure about my math, but that falls around 300VA instead of 600VA.

Apparently, it can still be 600VA, just half the "uninterrupted" duration :P

November 28, 2010

Google Maps, Revisited

Following some random Facebook link, I ended up browsing google maps and viewing some places I recently visited.

I found some amazing details in Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. The beach is well defined and even some of the huts were distinguishable :D
The Hanging Bridge and the public market are recognizable too
How about you? Have you explored your world recently?

November 13, 2010

Numerous Crossover Appearances

Beauty and the Beast's beauty as Chuck's Mom
Desperate Housewives' Susan appears in Smallville as Lois' Mom
Ally McBeal's John as a new Attending in Grey's Anatomy
Smallville's Jonathan Kent as DH's Bree's lover's Dad
Desperate Housewive's Orson Hodge/Dune 1984's Paul as HIMYM's "The Captain"

September 06, 2010

All Rice

Regular White Rice. @32 Php/Kg (?) Muñoz Market

Red (semi-red) Rice. @50 Php/Kg. A. Bonifacio Market.
1.25 cups of water/cup

Brown Rice. @40 Php/Kg.
Deli Healthy Rice Store, Mayon cor. Malaya st. QC
2 cups of water/cup

September 03, 2010

Brrr... September

On my way home from meeting Alexandre, I noticed my left foot feeling a bit heavy. It took me a while to realize that the sole on that shoe was flapping open, probably due to the rain.

I saw a lone (right foot) flip-flop a few steps behind, so I went back there to consider it. After maybe a heartbeat, I saw a vacant cab and hailed it. This was a wise choice, as the other shoe gave up 10 steps from the house :P

Thus ends my "Reasonably priced" Milanos from SM. Price vs Use seems okay, so I'm not too sad to see it go.

June 24, 2010

Quest for the Standee

Today marks a milestone in an aspect of having a photobooth business that took me too long to accomplish. Cardboard Standees.

At first I asked my aunt to make them, but that was too much effort for her and slightly expensive. I then just left it out of the freebies, and just added a few minutes to the booth duration.

I then tried asking around and found a die-cutting shop across the street. The whole process was so alien to me that it took me a couple of visits and lots of procrastination to finally ask for a quote. They never got back to me and that really put me off (wow, am i really that affected by rejection?)

Funny thing is there is another shop a couple of doors away that offer die-cutting too. I asked for a quote and they were able to give one right away. They don't have paper though so I started on that.

I asked Marl if he knew a place and he did. Emerald Commercial in Cubao. We met there and he helped me choose and decide on the cardboard/paper. So I bought 60 pieces of Foldcote #15 (31.5 inches x 41 inches) at 16php each, which is probably good for 2k standees.

I brought the paper to Ginwin Enterprises (the 2nd shop), but as I feared, they didn't cut the big sheets to size. They were kind enough to have it cut at the 1st shop for me :)

960 php: FoldCote #15 Cardboard
150 php: Cutting service
228 php: Blade frame
440 php: Frame die-cut service (2k pieces)
1,778 php = 0.889 php per standee! :D

Next time I'll try to buy specialty paper from Star Corp and have them cut it up too. Might be better/prettier, but I'm happy with what I have now :)

Thanks to all who helped :D

May 17, 2010

Wonderful Sablayan

Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

A tour site will rise at

April 27, 2010

A Study on the Large Deviation in the Prices of ChocNut in Metro Manila

Mercury DrugP 36.00

SM SupermarketP 31.00

WalterMartP 26.00

Welcome SupermarketP 22.50

Everlight MartP 21.75

edit: added everlight c/o joven's tip

This is a public service for ChocNut addicts out there :P

March 14, 2010

I'd like to Big Bang that Theory too :P

Kaley Cuoco aka Penny is Maxim US' cover girl for March 2010.

I'm an avid fan of the show and imagine my surprise to see her on a magazine stand.
Kinda reminds me of the Eraserheads' song: Magasin :P

March 06, 2010

Cafe World - Chicken Adobo

After a couple of months, I'm still playing Cafe World.
To my surprise, I saw a new, yet familiar dish.

Chicken Adobo!

Adobo is one of my favorite dishes, and a regular in the filipino home.
It's usually cooked for "baon"/packed food because it's fabled not to spoil quickly.

My brother says that he likes Chicken adobo the least, simply because Pork Adobo is so much better :P

January 07, 2010


Since it was MMFF season and within the month of first release, it was hard to get decent seats or any seats at all for this landmark film. Dulce and I had to wait for an extra 3 hours just to watch it from the farthest seats (row P).

I've been slightly addicted to watching films in 3D eversince I first experienced it.
Here's a quicklist of films I watched in imax3D/3D: Superman:returns, HP5, HP6, T-Rex, Ant Bully, Beowulf, UP, Avatar. So far my favorite is UP, and I watched it in 3D at trinoma which isn't imax3D. Maybe its just the story that won me, and not the technology.

Avatar is great, but as someone who has seen a couple of 3D films, it showed me some of the weakness/prematurity of 3D conversion technology. During the parts where it was purely liveaction(humans) the director dictates where you must look, or he'll punish you and make you dizzy. Despite that, most of the pure CG and mixed scenes were okay.

I'd also like to mention how much elements from Avatar I've seen from other shows/Anime.
Floating seeds/entities = Mushi in Mushihi
Optic/communication tentacles = Ohmu from Nausicaa
Floating Rocks = Laputa
"avatar" concept = Evangelion
Marauder Suits = Starship Troopers