May 31, 2006

They Made Me Eat Moldy Goldi!

"Fresh Bake"? I was half thru this when i saw the mold. Damn. No wonder I felt fuzzy since yesterday.

I bought this bread from a shop named *bleep* in its *bleep* branch on May 30, 2006. The 'best before' label states June 1, 2006. If Kuroyanagi of 'Yakitate Japan' saw this, he'd label the baker who made it 'TRASH'.

'Why didn't you check it before you ate it?' The damn packaging was opaque orange!!! The loaves near the opening looked fine. This morning I took a bite and saw green stuff on the ear of the loaf. *Belch*. No, not really. I spat it out and examined the whole thing. Damn. Thank goodness for 'aristo-cart', fishballs and tukneneng that trained my stomach. Damn.

Happy Birthday pala ha. 40 thoughful years pala ha. Thanks for the damn moldy treat.

They're not totally bad though. I've lived off their original 'wheaten bread' which is relatively cheap and filling for 50php and 750grams. It was my first time to try their 400gram version. Damn.

Damn count: 6

May 18, 2006


'The story did not arrive by fax' is my comment to Ron Howard's adaptation of the book. This is a fact that has to be faced when stories get to the big screen. That fact aside, the events were well spaced within 2.5 hours with ample flashbacks and action scenes.

The SM malls decided not to show it in any of their cinema's so I was browsing the net this morning looking at cinemas and schedules. I initially decided on Robinson's Manila with a showing time of 1030am. But alas, my tendency to leave the house late made it improbable that I make it. So I checked again and decided to go to Gateway Mall in Cubao. The cinema there is similar to those of Greenbelt 3's maybe just a bit larger. Damage? 160 Php, but it was worth it.

Spoiler Part:
Cutting out parts of the story is normal, but there were lots of distortion. The Bishop was supposedly trying to get the grail to restore power to opus dei, but here it was shown that he was part of a council that aimed to destroy it. He also lied to the captain about a confession. This is probably the part I hated about the screenplay. The bishop was desparate and was misled by the teacher, which is understandable and forgivable. His regret at the end of the book signified the plight of catholics, that sin can be forgiven with heartfelt penance and regret.

The movie made Robert a skeptic of the grail, rather than a believer. It was good in a way because it led to two sides of the discussion for sophie to sort out, rather than being spoonfed.

Just one cryptext. One.

May 14, 2006

The Fearsome Power of Ja-Pan

It has been a while since I encountered an anime series that I could not put down. Again, it never ceases to amaze me how japanese can take a normal topic such as bread and make you crave for more info about it. Yakitate Ja-pan.

I've seen a couple of trailers/commercials and I told myself 'what ubsurd reactions to eating bread', not knowing that this actually the heart of the show. It also has tons of spoofs of other anime and more puns than any other show I know. Having all that, the show still remains cohesive and enjoyable, with just a few more episodes left to be subtitled.

(short list of spoofed anime: Galaxy Express 999, Naruto, Initial D, Gokusen, Fist of the North Star, Dragonball, Gundam, One Piece, Evangelion(its there))

Watch it! You'll laugh so hard you'll cry.

May 04, 2006

My Cosmopolitan Insan

She's not the covergirl or anything like that. Its a one page biography/interview and ends up as an endorsement of chicken meal for a fastfood. Still, I'm proud that she's my cuz. The image is a scan of page 69 of the May 2006 Cosmopolitan mag, grab a copy now! It features Juday and her preferred type of undies (aww come on... you do want to know right? bohahaahhahaha)