December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas has been fairly busy due to my sister's plans of spending it together at Makati.

Run up to xday: My brother had the idea of giving our dear mother a second hand laptop for xmas and asked me to scour around for one that would only cost 10k. Aidz previously mentioned to me the price of the eeepc thru tipidpc. So I thought... I can just split the cost and get our mom a kickass gift. So I called up Sir Kojak to confirm if they had stock and told him that I'll pass by to get one that same day.

Star Mall Mandaluyong: PC Home was the shop he told me to get it from so I went there. Unfortunately, someone swooped down a bit earlier and bought 2 units to give as a gift too. Had to wait a bit but the staff updated me often as they brought it from Megamall to the branch I was in. So a few days from xday, I was in possession of a kickass Mom Laptop. I got to play with it a bit, but had a bit of trouble because the eeepc seemed to hate my cheap surecom broadband router. Looks like its time to upgrade to a Linksys wireless router :P (Update: Installing Windows XP kinda solved the router issue)

Xmas mass in Makati Shangrila: While in Manila, my sis was staying in a company leased condo at Shang Grand Towers. It was really cool, spacious and probably damn expensive. We went there and used it as a staging point to go to mass. The mass was held in the Rizal ballroom of the Makati Shangrila hotel. There were lots of families with kids, and the choir itself was composed of lil' children. After mass, we went down to Circles to eat the buffet dinner my sister reserved for us.

The food was ok, I especially liked the dimsum and siomai. So come 12mn, we presented our gift. She liked it, was able to check her email, because the place had wifi. Like our dad, we love making our Mom the coolest one around :D Pics Here

After Noche Buena, we went back to the condo and drank vodka-sprite to chase awfully bitter red wine. Christmas day itself was slow, sleepy and ho-hum. Merry Christmas everyone.