January 25, 2005

WoW update, by request

First of all, a big "hello" to all my avid readers (meron nga ba? ^_^ )!

I've ditched Nardangputik and started on another character, Tuwaang. He's also a Night Elf Druid and currently at level 22. The druid class in warcraft boasts of the capability of multiple modes of game play. Spellcaster/Healer in human form. Warrior/Melee fighter in bear form. Rogue/Sneaky techniques in cat form. Infinite breath and increased swim speed in sea lion form.
At higher levels there is also Dire bear form (better fighter) and Travel form (fast land run speed).

A friend of mine who has a level 60 (max level) tauren shaman said that he has trouble killing 2 classes: paladins and druids. long live druids!

Side Note: "Tuwaang" is a character in the Rock Musical "Manhid". "Kaibigan ng lahat ng hayop" is his description and has the power to communicate with animals. Fits a druid, neh?

character selection screen

Bear Form

Cat Form

Sea Lion Form

January 15, 2005

Liteon SOHW-1653S 16X Dual Layer

Today at last, after almost a month of waiting, I picked up the dvdwriter I ordered from Rising Sun Computers at Taft. It is a Liteon SOHW-1653S 16X Dual Layer and priced at P6,500. Included in the bundle is Nero Express and PowerDVD 5.

The first thing I noticed as I took it out of the box was it size. It's around an inch shorter than older optical drives. After installing it on Tsunami(name of my pc since 1998), Windows XP didn't complain and so I uninstalled the older nero and put in Nero Express.

"This ain't Nero!" I heard myself say. They moved around a lot of the "oohh so familiar" features. But after a while it seemed usable enough :)). But it suddenly hit me, "why is Nero restricting me to 4,400MB?" So I searched the net and found that 4.7GB is a marketing thing. They say that 4,700,000,000 bytes is 4.7GB when it is just 4.3 something GB.

I passed by CD-R King in Quiapo on the way home to sample some of the dvd media available. I bought 10 pieces of a brand named "Premium" which is 4x DVD+R at 9 pesos each and 10 pieces of Ridata 8x DVD+R at 35 pesos each.

Its actually weird that the "Premium" dvds are labeled on top as 4x, whereas its is actually 8x at the bottom and as detected by the drive. I have burned 5 and all of them were perfect. I'm still to try the Ridata media but I have long trusted them with my 'precious' stuff.

I have written anime that has been clogging my hard disks for ages but soon enough I'll be doing avi->dvd and other interesting tricks.

January 10, 2005

A is for Alcohol, B is for Brymac

Q: How much alcohol is needed to make brymac reach a drunk state?
A: "I losht count ehh...."

Beer is a traitor: you wouldn't know that its already stabbing your back.

Brymac should remember to avoid Red Horse or similar strong beers. The "sipa" actually leaves a horseshoe mark in the forehead. He was massaging his temples like fat Baron Harkonnen.

Brymac doesn't have a hang-over when he wakes up, even if it is just 3hrs of sleep. It used to show up after he sleeps again, but 12hrs of sleep can eliminate it.

Alcohol does seem to shatter some inhibitions as brymac turned pretty talkative, though he recalls to be still quite himself only with a sloshing brain and toddlers balance.

Ah! My Goddess TV

Five years after the movie and 12 years after releasing the original OAVs, they wanted to keep the magic of Ah! My Goddess alive by lashing out a TV series. They kept both the voice talents and staff intact, which should be of some comfort to die-hard fans and skeptics as well.

I grabbed and watched episode 1 via bittorent, which was fansubbed by [solar]. As far as the story has unraveled ... I prefer the OAVs. Yes there are more info, better setups and introductions, but at the pace that it is going, people who watched the OAV will end up drumming their fingers in impatience. That's just episode 1 though, there is still space for it to pick-up (25 more episodes in fact).

January 06, 2005


World of Warcraft has been chopping away chunks of my time recently. I've been trying to deny that I'm addicted to it, but losing time for work, blogging and anime watching maybe proof enough.

The character i'm playing is a Night Elf Druid. I chose the druid class due to its flexible strategy of fighting, which allows me to use brute force, spell spamming or a party healer. So far I can transform into a bear for plain melee fights or a seal for long underwater adventures.

My character has also taken up herbalism and alchemy as professions. I've been researching a bit and I'm sort of excited when I can create the philosopher's stone and transmute some neat stuff (feeling full metal alchemist ^_^ ).