March 31, 2016


Had a battle with Shingles(post later) around a month ago. I'm almost sure that it was caused by depression/sadness, but I wanted to rule out other causes.

The opportunity came yesterday when I saw a friend 'like' a post regarding Free HIV rapid test. I had some misgivings that the line might be long or I'd see people I know. I got lost a few times (PGH is like a maze) but found the office eventually.

Thankfully when I got there, I was actually the first taker. I inquired to find out that they were offering the test as the kits were going to expire soon. The nice lady who attended to me admitted that the counseling/talk was minimal, which was absolutely fine with me. I got pricked and saw the result in under 5 minutes. I thanked her and went on my way.

The result is... a secret. Ask me personally :3