May 30, 2005

My First Time

It was Friday night in a dark narrow alley. The world was quiet and people rarely passed. I was both anxious and excited. My legs were trembling and my hands had lost their usual grip. She was a sexy chick in red and her name was (in a mexican accent) "burito". Losing all sense of calm, it happened and even stopping was rough and unrefined. Thus was my first time.

Bwahaahahahahaaahaah. What a misleading title and story! My friend Adrian was kind enough to teach me and let me drive his 2002 nissan exalta aka (in a mexican accent) "burito". As pathetic as it sounds, it really was my first time to drive in my 26 years of existence. It was just an hour or two but I was able to start, stop, mix clutch and gas, and reach 2nd gear. And it was on open road *evil grin*. Thanks Aidz!

The South Beach diet is going well, my tummy is tighter than it used to be and I may have lost some weight (wasn't really watching it). I've proceeded to phase two as I was already in phase one for 2 weeks. Thanks to all who have given their opinion on me going on this diet. Your inputs, encouragement and otherwise have been a blessing.

Seabiscuit - was working on something when my brother popped this in the player. As the tv set was just behind me, I glanced back occasionally and found myself caught in the story. It was inspiring in the way that success can be found by giving anything a second chance.

May 22, 2005

South B17ch diet

With the coercion of my sister who is undergoing it, I am now trying the South Beach Diet. The lack of energy due to the banning of easily convertible food is really taking its toll. I've never been this apart from rice all my life so that should cut down this belly soon. I'll keep you guys posted on what happens and if it works.


I watched Once on This Island last Saturday with Aidz and RE, and I'd say it was great! The run that I watched had Bituin Escalante as Asaka and she was incredibly commendable. Gala Angeni Sanchez, sixth-grader who played Little Ti Moune was equally powerful. Other notable actor/singers were: Kuya Bodjie, Jett Pangan and Michael de Mesa. Jeffrey Hidalgo also played a convincing Daniel.

May 07, 2005

Uzu-Matrix Naruto?

This weeks Naruto episode(133) tops the 'action packed' category as Sasuke and Naruto's fight ensues. Artwise it is horrible, but the fight scenes are so amazing that it reminded me of the animatrix's Beyond or Kid's Story. I was afraid at first that as it looked in the manga, Naruto will end up as just another Dragon Ball. This episode whacked away that fear and made me hopeful of what these guys have in store for the series. Here's quoting myself while watching the ep: "Pvt@ng 1n@! that was cool!"

May 02, 2005

Smoking Rasengan

This week marks the long awaited high quality dvd-rip fansubbed release of Naruto Movie 1. It downright surpasses any episode or special in its animation quality and action scenes. A must see for naruto fans.

Social Smoker
I can smoke but I don't fancy it. People may even say to me: "didn't know you smoked". But just this week I smoked around 5 sticks that made me contemplate why I don't like it. Bottomline is that I dislike its smell when it sticks to skin and clothing. Why add another stench when I'm having trouble smelling ok as it is :))