August 17, 2008

Sprain, Sprain Go Away

I would have liked to report a positive first, but I said I'll take these things as they come. I don't remember if I've ever gotten a sprain before, so this will count as a first.

It's not even the regular ankle sprain that you get when one twists their ankle. The bruising and pain are similar, but I attribute this one to setting a heavy weight on my foot (not my weight, as Shirney humorously pointed out). *Sigh*, to think I had to miss the Dumagat Med Mission for this. T_T.

The doctor also asked me to get 'Blood Chemistry' testing. He wants to check if I am diabetic, as bruising like this might be a symptom. I've been putting off getting a blood chem before this, too lazy and unwilling to fast for 12 hours :P. So I'd have to get one, once I've drank all my meds.

Before the meds that the doctor prescribed, I was drinking biogesic, then alaxan. I knew that they were wearing off when the pain, feverish heat and headaches start to turn up again. So aside from the sprain, I also had fever. Just great...

If you're feeling a bit of Schadenfreude, be my guest.