January 07, 2010


Since it was MMFF season and within the month of first release, it was hard to get decent seats or any seats at all for this landmark film. Dulce and I had to wait for an extra 3 hours just to watch it from the farthest seats (row P).

I've been slightly addicted to watching films in 3D eversince I first experienced it.
Here's a quicklist of films I watched in imax3D/3D: Superman:returns, HP5, HP6, T-Rex, Ant Bully, Beowulf, UP, Avatar. So far my favorite is UP, and I watched it in 3D at trinoma which isn't imax3D. Maybe its just the story that won me, and not the technology.

Avatar is great, but as someone who has seen a couple of 3D films, it showed me some of the weakness/prematurity of 3D conversion technology. During the parts where it was purely liveaction(humans) the director dictates where you must look, or he'll punish you and make you dizzy. Despite that, most of the pure CG and mixed scenes were okay.

I'd also like to mention how much elements from Avatar I've seen from other shows/Anime.
Floating seeds/entities = Mushi in Mushihi
Optic/communication tentacles = Ohmu from Nausicaa
Floating Rocks = Laputa
"avatar" concept = Evangelion
Marauder Suits = Starship Troopers