March 07, 2006


Like, OMG... you just recently got to watch hitch? What demon's hole have you been hiding in?

Yeah, I decided to watch it finally because reinstalling Rebirth took its sweet time. Hitch showed that being yourself and candid is the way to go, but it wouldn't hurt to have a plan. "Shock and Awe!!!"

Rebirth v2

Its not because of a virus or a worm, but both Norton Internet Security and NAV expired right under my nose. I am paranoid and I hate leaving myself vulnerable. So there, a fresh clean pc with newer versions of my favorite programs to boot.

Flashy Problem

I'm still doing this multimedia tutorial thingie and my flash file is pretty cluttered and probably more torn-apart than lord voldemort himself. So much so that there are some library items that triggers the Macromedia Flash editor to vaporize.
Having had enough, I upgraded to mac flash 8. But alas! The flaw in the file prevails. I googled keywords to find solutions from macromedia but they don't seem to have encountered a problem similar to mine. Guess what? The solution was open and free! It arranged my library according to usage and isolated items that I never got to use. Case closed. Start the phelm projector boy!

Lightning Struck Tower. update.

Yeah, the external writer is toast, but perseverance usually gets results. It seems that the dying harddisk was simply hated by rebirth v1. Its now back inside and ready to hold my 'stuff' again.
Tsunami on the other hand is a half success. After buying and shoving in a 400w techwill powersupply unit, it was somehow revived. The catch is, it randomly turns off and leaves the user temporarily mesmerized. You can't win 'em all =))

Dreams and Michii

Michii has increased her web visibility recently and we've been chatting a lot. I don't recall how it started, but we ended up talking about dreams (as in REM sleep dreams). I've been enjoying reading her accounts of a continuing dream that has a soap-opera plot. Hope she finishes it someday so people can get to read it :)

Fuuin (Seal)

Anticipating an incoming ordeal/project, I've sealed the kyuubi in hopes that it'll charge up my reiatsu enough to be able to to a decent bankai. Its been insanely difficult but im optimistic that it'll pay off. If you didn't understand a word from the last few paragraphs, don't worry about it.


Having finished 'listening' to Angels & Demons, it got me interested in ambigrams. Here, try it out yourself :P

Back to Basics

It just felt like it, but i've gone back to phase one of the southbeach diet and am doing tae-bo daily. Afternoons are also starting to get hot which only means one thing... Summer is just around the corner! Let's go to the beach!