September 29, 2005

The Backrubber

The Backrubber
Deliberate Gentle Sex Dreamer (DGSDm)

Lusty but indirect. Kind, but also using friendship as a means to sex. Oh, that feels gooood. You are The Backrubber.

We call you "The Backrubber" because you straddle that fine line between coming on to someone and just treating her nicely. Backrubs are just one example; you'd meet for coffee, or talk about books/movies, or even argue a little bit, all the while mostly preferring to screw.

Your exact opposite:
The Vapor Trail

Random Brutal Love Master
Your indirect approach is not some evil trickery, but rather a result of your open mind. You'd enjoy either love or sex, but the latter definitely doesn't require the former. While you are responsible and ambitious, you absolutely DON'T have uptight views on relationships. So ultimately, you just enjoy a woman, and let things take their course. If she wants you, great. If not, that's fine too.

Though you're not thinking too much about Love at this point in your life, odds are, when the time comes, you'll be very happy settling down. Your ideal mate is gentle and horny, just like you.


CONSIDER: The Playstation

Link: The Dating Persona Test by OkCupid - Free Online Dating.

I'd hate to admit that this hit me right between the eyes. Even if there are only 12 gradations to this quiz, I found it funny how I actually fall into one. Any playstations out there? hahahahahahahah

September 25, 2005

Poker Face

I definitely don't have one.

But last Friday, my buds and I had a couple of rounds of poker (with real chips from hawaii) using the same rules as Celebrity Poker. It was fun as I was learning tricks and tips from them about how to bet, outsmart, bully and fold. My friends couldn't believe that I was winning rounds with sheer dumb luck, beating their good 2 cards with trash after the 5 other cards have been revealed.

It is certainly a thinking game, calculating and reading your opponents is a must. Acting, feinting and showmanship is a needed to throw them off from your real hand/intentions. But you can also just play it with just a bit of common sense and a pocketful of hot strong love... I mean luck.

The Visit

This last week, a friend and work buddy came to Manila to talk more about business and to take a look at what the country is like. We picked him up from the airport last Sunday and left just this Friday. Hope you had a great time here Ray, tour me around Hawaii when I go there someday :D.

There was supposed to be this summit last Wednesday and I was to make a presentation for it. With everything else that was happening, I had to pull an all nighter to finish it only to find out that morning that they cancelled our participation. Phoey, should have just slept.

Needless to say that I only got an average of 2 or 3 hours of sleep this week, napping a couple of minutes in the FX to the office and the LRT going home. It was dreadfully unhealthy, embarassing and dangerous, but these are the times that I consider myself truly alive and not wasting any moment.


It was funny that Microsoft was present during the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo held last Sept. 14-16. They were there with a pretense of promoting "working together", whereas the purists and hardcore treat them simply as the 'enemy'.

It was clear that M$ had money and knew how the human(masculine) brain works. They flagrantly used sly techniques in distracting possible converts from absorbing the spirit of the conference.
  1. Center and Flashy booth.
  2. Three pretty and gorgeous booth girls who wore tight M$ shirts.
  3. Photo sessions where you can have your picture taken with the 3 M$ girls or a model in a 2 piece bathing suit.
  4. Barbie Almabis to give away 2 Xboxes.
Beyond the general disruption that M$ caused in the territory of the timid competitor, the conference more or less achieved its goal. Which was to give awareness and information for those who would like to consider the alternative: Free/Open Source Software.

There were a number of familiar faces due to the nature of the event. m's and Paul A. with the pips from ASTI, officemates from the cube gateway team, my good friend Clair.

I did get to buy a funny shirt. It says at the front:
"No Windows. No Gates. It is Open. No Bill. It is Free."
At the back:
"I choose Free/Open Source Software"

PS: I may update this post if I remember something of interest.

September 13, 2005

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

If you ever played ff7, this is definitely something to watch. If you don't know what ff7 is, it is still worth watching for the fight/action scenes.

Its been ages since I played the game but a lot of what happened came rushing back to my memory as the movie progresses. Characters, events and previous grief (yes, 'that' event was soooo tragic) were brought back to life. At the very least, this movie gave weight to a certain event in the game that made it so freakn memorable.

The story starts painfully slow but gradually builds up as fantastic fight sequences are added. I'll not go into detail as to what the plot is, so you won't kill me :))

as geeky as it may sound, its not hard to fall for game characters if they are as pretty and vivacious as Tifa.

yes... grief

Voice Casting Facts:
Kadaj, a significant character in the story, also did Nara Shikamaru(Naruto) and Ginji Amano(Getbackers).
The Wheel Chair Person (as credited in imdb) also did Col. Roy Mustang(Full Metal Alchemist)