June 24, 2010

Quest for the Standee

Today marks a milestone in an aspect of having a photobooth business that took me too long to accomplish. Cardboard Standees.

At first I asked my aunt to make them, but that was too much effort for her and slightly expensive. I then just left it out of the freebies, and just added a few minutes to the booth duration.

I then tried asking around and found a die-cutting shop across the street. The whole process was so alien to me that it took me a couple of visits and lots of procrastination to finally ask for a quote. They never got back to me and that really put me off (wow, am i really that affected by rejection?)

Funny thing is there is another shop a couple of doors away that offer die-cutting too. I asked for a quote and they were able to give one right away. They don't have paper though so I started on that.

I asked Marl if he knew a place and he did. Emerald Commercial in Cubao. We met there and he helped me choose and decide on the cardboard/paper. So I bought 60 pieces of Foldcote #15 (31.5 inches x 41 inches) at 16php each, which is probably good for 2k standees.

I brought the paper to Ginwin Enterprises (the 2nd shop), but as I feared, they didn't cut the big sheets to size. They were kind enough to have it cut at the 1st shop for me :)

960 php: FoldCote #15 Cardboard
150 php: Cutting service
228 php: Blade frame
440 php: Frame die-cut service (2k pieces)
1,778 php = 0.889 php per standee! :D

Next time I'll try to buy specialty paper from Star Corp and have them cut it up too. Might be better/prettier, but I'm happy with what I have now :)

Thanks to all who helped :D