April 29, 2007

I hate being in pictures...

but there are times that it's fun to just have fun.
Can I defeat the darkness inside?
The weight of the world

April 25, 2007

Kahit Minsan Lang, Arnee Hidalgo

I've heard this song countless times, yet can not block out its sadness. A nice music video from arnee.

Official YouTube Page

April 24, 2007

Earth Day and Pangasinan Trip

Scary Samoan Shooter © rebelpixel

I was blabbing about wanting a memorable summer, despite that, I had second thoughts in joining our batch project 'Earth Day Cleanup'. So I'm infinitely thankful to the pisay96 pips for making this a fun, memorable and amazing activity/birthday.

Folio Shots
Second Set

I'll post again about stories and stuff about what happened when I get some free time :)

Friends Fun Friday Food Forn (FFFFF)

I kinda felt like having dinner with cube/contentdev pips so I set one up without really saying the reason. There were just 8 of us but I was happy since these were people I sort of really miss. Thanks pips! Other pics here.

Oh, J gave me my first(& only?) tangible gift: 3 fortune cookies. Here are the contents:
An error is not a mistake until you refuse to fix it.
We make a Living by what we get.
We make a Life by what we give.
Character is what you know you are
not what others think you are.

April 16, 2007

Memorable Summer

I'm afraid that this summer will pass and will be cataloged in 'just another one'. Gone are the days when summer is a 'mandatory break'. Now you have to capture it and grab it by the horns.

Can anyone suggest something fun and memorable that I can mark summer'07 by?

Discombobulating Surprise

Why is it that there are some things, no matter how much you brace yourself, still makes you go "MAH!?"

April 12, 2007

Easy Primal Kiss Pumps

Huh?! You may have probably noticed that I tend to squeeze all topics into a post title :P

Primal Fear
This movie was recommended to me by Atty. Ramirez and Aidz. I was interested because they mentioned that Edward Norton's role here is similar to Fight Club. Indeed, his performance and acting was good, considering he was only credited in the third tier. The courtroom drama is not as powerful as that of 'the practice', but substantial all the same. After watching the movie, it sort of exemplifies an old Filipino saying: "Matalino man ang matsing, napaglalalangan din" which roughly means "even a smart monkey can be fooled".

Paradise Kiss
Tseri requested me to procure this anime because she caught it on Animax one time. Was expecting a light watch out of this, but ended up with a bit of culture shock.

I had this notion of properly separating Anime and Hentai. ParaKiss walked the line between the two categories, something I haven't seen since Akira or Ninja Scroll.

I found the story interesting with moments where you'll say *GAK* or *zOMG*. It tells about students from a high-class fashion/design school who found a model in a student who doesn't find herself special.

Fuck Me Pumps
Loopy mentioned in one of her posts this song by Amy Winehouse. The mood of the song is a bit comical, but I figured that it would be painful to hear for someone in that situation. 'Do Me Good' sounds nice, but probably a girl/woman's song.

Ambing - Easy Flagela (update)
I was surprised one day when a member of the band who sang this song found me on YM. The current name of the band is Los Chupacabras and here are their blogs: Mikael Carl and Joel.

April 08, 2007

Cheers, Atty. Ramirez!

Congratulations also to Jeloy, Christine and Jao. I normally stay out of trouble, but when the time comes, hope I have 4 batchmates/lawyers backing me up XD

April 02, 2007

Water Spa...ahhhhhhh

My sister was here the other week and my family took the opportunity to try out ACE Water Spa located in Del Monte Ave. It was a worthwhile experience that would be nice to try every now and then.

For 500php, it entitles you to 4 hours inside the facility. The place has a 4ft laps pool, a fun stream that goes around the place, lots of different water jet massage spots, sauna, steam and 3 herbal hot pools.

I really like the rain drop massage. You lie face down and water showers down on your whole body, it starts ticklish then it batters down like a wall. It somehow blanks out your mind and
relaxes your body. It lasts 3 minutes and I probably went at it 8 times.

The herbal hot pools were neat. It's probably an approximation of japanese hot springs and was really relaxing. Each one has a different herb mixture and temperature (36C, 38C,40C). The difficult part is having to take a dip in an ice cold pool after 5mins in a hot one. Otherwise, it felt great.

I spent the rest of my time switching between steam then sauna. I probably ejected toxins out of my body thru sweat. Drinking water is available so replenishing is not a problem.

I really need to go in again due to the stress the btel project gave me. Anybody wanna join me? (strictly swimsuit/trunks attire inside).

Old brochure here and here.