December 21, 2006

CrunchyRoll aka AlternativeTube

AlternativeTube: That's what its name should be, but crunchyroll is fine. It is a place where you can go to get your Anime/Drama fix. Video quality is acceptable, but I guess they're starting to get bandwidth issues and now requires signing-up.

They have tons of stuff including: Mushishi , Bleach, Tsubasa Chrnonicles and even JDramas.


This anime series is so brilliant, it deserves its own post. Think X-files, Studio Ghibli(eg Princess Mononoke), and FFVII in one. It mixes folklore with heartwarming stories while making each episode nearly self-contained. Right now, ANN users deem it as 3rd best and I highly recommend watching it.

December 14, 2006

Vermin Vengeance

By using a 'Kaibigan' brand mouse trap (80Php) and generic peanut butter, I was able to reduce the number of critters running around the house. You may think I'm whacked in the head to be proud of my battle against mice, but I have been continuously festered by their disregard for property and food. DIE!!!

Visual Violence Warning: Animal Rights sensitive people are advised not to view this image.

December 07, 2006

Pretty Poor

Lousy title, but it summarizes this post well enough.

Pisay96 together with other generous souls decided to give back to our less fortunate siblings by throwing them an early Christmas party. Pics are in my multiply.

The Vocational Training School of the Our Lady of Grace Parish held the coronation night of its 'Mutya ng VTS', which is both a fund-raising activity and a beauty contest. Pics are here.