August 21, 2006

Humid Dreadful Rain

Soft glow of the overcast sky and green leaves

My first High Dynamic Range(HDR) Photo

HDR of Adrian's shots

I was invited to join Adrian, Josephine and Andy in a PhotoOp at the La Mesa Ecopark. Had fun tagging along with them and talking to Andy about Miyazaki stuff.

It was a good opportunity to try HDR so I took time to compose the shot I wanted. Even with the brute power 'Rebirth' has, creating and editing HDR required me to leave my desk and do something else while it processed all that info. Imagine, an HDR PSD file is 93.3MB! The results are a little gloomy and washed out, but that was the mood as the rain was about to fall. A simpler way to get a better shot would be using graduated nd filter (don't nosebleed now, think tinted eyeglasses). Since I don't have one of those (yet), an HDR attempt is fine.

August 16, 2006

S is for Seven Years

Together with Mic's blatant slander on my err... unfulfilled desire, she gave me an S to post this:

1. September - Phats and Small feat Earth, Wind and Fire
2. Sets Go Up - Juvenile (OST Need for Speed Most Wanted)
3. Sucked In - Jerk (OST Need for Speed Underground 1)
4. Standing Right Next To Me - Arnee
5. Sugar We're Going Down - Fallout Boy

Comment on this post to receive a random letter from me. You will then be tasked to pick five (5) songs from your computer with titles that begin with that letter. And you are to post the five songs on your journal.

Any takers? :3

August 08, 2006

Brymac on Ice

There is no such thing as a practice life.
I've been thinking of this simple phrase since I came across it. It has furthered my desire to go out and live life. I'm also slowly taking down walls I probably built through the years. Given the chance, I'll go and try it. The amount of failures can be shadowed by successful attempts, its a matter of probability.

I recently got my first formal massage. Aidz and I went on a night photo op, then decided to get one. Around 20 minutes in the sauna, a bath, ate some shabu-shabu then finally 30+ minutes swedish massage. I received a lot of elbows and knees, but all in all it was great. Whatever was causing my stiffneck probably got elbowed away.

Ice Skating
We went to MoA to celebrate Aimee's birthday. Ice Skating was part of the plan so we looked over the rink and weighed our chances against a battalion of kids. I've tried rollerblades now and then so I was brave enough to not use the rink wall. So after three hours, getting extremely wet, falling N times, straining my wrist and getting my hand 'toe-picked'... Ice skating is either not for me or I need tons of more practice.

Photo Op
While in MoA, I took some pics including Kimi's F1 that was on display. [Other pics here]

Like Losing A Friend
I said goodbye to something important. We've been through a lot together and I'm incredibly thankful to her. She held well enough and helped me buy her replacement. Bye, Tsunami(AMD Duron700)...
Here's how my station looks now:

August 04, 2006


Thanks to Gail for posting about panography. In a nutshell, its crazy panorama by taking lots of pictures in different orientation. So I present to you my attempt at it.

Would like to try High Dynamic Range Photography next. It is a good wake-up call on how limited dSLRs are compared to the human eye.

August 01, 2006


Last Sunday, I went to enjoy "O-zine fest" where the National Cosplay Competition was held. Click here for some pics of the event.