July 24, 2006

Is Pakistan Ready For You?

Mic had the idea of giving Marlon a better send off, so we planned this Friday night out. We thought we wouldn't reach 10 people... final count was 19 :). It was also Joey's birthday (hbd!). Thanks to all who joined us. Pictures are here.

Pirated Sunday

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with Tubs, Emir and Lea. Johnny Depp ran away again being Jack Sparrow and kept the whole movie interesting.

We went to visit Dingdong at St. Luke's. It's a relief to see him smiling and telling jokes (it could have been the pain relievers though :P). Get well soon :)

July 10, 2006

[110]: A Wet July So Far

Blogger says that this is my 110th post. Hoorah, I really am a blogger.

I have been quite busy with stuff so excuse that fact that this will be a lengthy post.

Meeting with my cousin

A cousin of mine is studying law in UP Diliman. I decided to meet her (for the first time) during one of her long breaks. She is lively and fun to talk to. We talked about everyday thing and how her studies are coming along. After about an hour we decided to part ways.


Since I was already in UP and I had a bit of time to burn, I went to pick-up my diploma. It has been more than 3 years since I graduated but never really found the need to get it.


Circular Polarizing Filter (1200 Php). I did decide to keep the cost of my photographic equipment to a minimum, knowing that its the person that makes 'great pictures'. Photoshop is amazing enough to replace most filters, but not this one. Polarization basically eliminates reflected/diffused light, removing glare and reflections on surfaces. Below are examples I took myself:

Mall Of Asia

This massive mall is the place to see these days. Being built on dodgy reclaimed land, it is built horizontally because the foundation doesn't seem to be capable of supporting more than 4 floors. It is visually more pleasing than the usual box-type SM buildings. It features 2 walkways/viewing ports that lead to the bay.
People come far and wide to experience its main attraction: an IMAX 3D theater.

Superman Returns on IMAX 3D

Good schedules and seats are hard to come by here. You need to go there to buy a ticket at least a week before you intend to watch. Superman Returns has around 20minutes worth of 3D scenes where you have to wear the special 3D glasses to see objects in the movie float beyond the screen and seem as if they will come at you.

3D scenes were mostly amazing, I enjoyed looking at the barn, the spaceshuttle and the broken boat. I do feel that some 3D time was wasted because they were in shaky situations where you could not appreciate depth or distance. For 350 Php, its a worthwhile experience.

Mini-despedida for Marl

Marl is leaving for Pakistan this Sunday (July 23) so the quattro regulars met up for drinks to give him a small send off. We moved to Bang Coffee afterwards to wait for daybreak. The rest of the pics are here.