October 30, 2004

Kasal...anan Ba Ang Magmahal?

"Love has many powers. If the love is true, it can cross the earth and withstand the storm it can conquer... even you(demon of death)" - Erzulie from 'Once on this Island'

If you actually believed this picture, thanks :D

October 28, 2004

Macross Zero

I incidentally came upon a strange file for download sometime in 2002 . I absolutely loved Macross Plus and Macross Zero sounded good enough a risk to try. So it was, and 2+ years after the first chapter, the fifth and final chapter has come out.

Without spoiling anything, I would say that this OAV is without a doubt a splendid masterpiece. The plot, magic, mystery and melody are all that we could expect from people who truly believe that songs are a gift from above.

October 26, 2004

Kick@ss Teachers

Two of my friends went out and proved that some love and a little luck can land you top spots in the LET(Licensure Exam for Teachers). Congratulations Reg and Peej, and may your wisdom be passed on to the next generation.

PDF of results

October 24, 2004


Windswept x Dumbstruck = Windstruck or SweptDumb

This is is the latest movie starring Jun Ji-hyun(My Sassy Girl).

Shucks. I've got so much mixed feelings for this movie. "Not bad, could've been better" sums it up i guess. But if you're a MSG fan like me, this is a MUST watch XD.

October 21, 2004

"I want a 15 year old wife" -MCP

Let's face it, who wouldn't?

I watched "My Little Bride" yesterday, another Korean romance-comedy film. I was laughing thoughout and having "imaginary nose-bleeds" here and there. It stars Geun-yeong Mun
who also appears in "Lover's Concerto" and "A Tale of Two Sisters". She's cute, sassy and reminds me of a local actress named Tricia Roman.

It's scary... no I take it back... *scream*

A Tale of Two Sisters is a psycho-horror film. I wanted to watch it because Geun-Yeong Mun is there. Not as much scare factor as Ring or Eye but creepy none the less.

Brymac's Geun-Yeong Mun Gallery

October 20, 2004

Shopping Mall Mishap

Yesterday I experienced what JK Rowling speaks of as "his stomach gave a weird lurch as though he had missed a step going downstairs".

I finished a meeting with my friend/client and my head was buzzing with info and ideas when I had the calling to go to the comfort room. A step through the door and I found it peculiar that there was a diaper changing counter. Two more steps and my heart stopped as I looked to the left and saw 3 ladies freshening up infront of the mirror. Lucky I was able to stride back out before anybody had time to react.

Who's to blame? The artist who made the sign. Why? The girl in the sign had such a short and non-triangular skirt *laughs insanely*, and bald for heaven's sake.

A couple of meters away across the mall's exit was the men's cr. I was having misgivings again as there were around 3 girls right outside the door. I double checked the sign and was relieved(?) after regognizing the stench. Thus ends the Shopping Mall Mishap.

October 18, 2004

@_@ ... @_@ ... -_- ... -_- ... ^_^

The past several days have been hectic and tiresome. After finishing up all the loose ends and getting enough sleep, yours truly is back and blogging.

That video editing stint got me so bewitched, that I'm realizing just now that it was soooo wrong. But nothing in my opinion makes me feel more alive than being engrossed in some form of artistic expression. So after more than a weeks indulging into Video Editing Mastery, I myself was satisfied with the finished product (which I would have to admit is a rare occurrence). I'd like to thank these girls for making my life both heaven and hell for a period of time :D

I've added a blogroll to let you, the readers, know the blogs I visit. PM/Y!M/Comment if you want to be added or removed :D

The Classic
I started to have high regards for Korean films eversince watching "My Sassy Girl" and "Il Mare". "The Classic" doesnt fall far from that standard, with a healthy dose of comedy, drama and coincidence. Pick it up and watch it if you get the chance.

First Kiss
No... not mine :D. Its a 1998 Korean film of that title and stars the girl in Endless love 2 (winter sonata). It falls a little short of my standards but still better than some of the other movies I've seen.

October 07, 2004

Let's Get Retarded!

I've recently been infinitely playing Blackeyed Peas Songs, two of which I really like. Let's get things started/retarded and The Boogie That B. They have groovy beats that keep me up and workin ^_^.

It was a mild shock for a 'hermit' like me to be suddenly surrounded by 4 ladies. I've been editing their video which is a requirement for one of their subjects. They were actually kewl to be with, them being fun and lively.

It was also the first time I handled a direct to pc vid camera: Sony dcr-trv740. Was fooling around with it, but found it had some limitations. I tried to stream the video via USB to Yomiko(mac iBook G4) but after reading some fine prints, usb streaming is not supported on macs (duhhh - why even claim to be compatible when it can only get pictures?) So I went back to Tsunami(winxp duron700) and painfully captured their "bizarre love story".

On the deFattening front: its still going well, although I think I've nearly approached the limit of how lean it can make me. Either that or the slimming curve is becoming painfully slow :((

October 04, 2004

Oki Dokidoki

This person who refuses to be identified has been confirmed to be alive and well, states a reliable source earlier today. The said sassy person got caught up with some nasty pre-residency stuff and hopes to looks after female health and screaming pregnant women. We wish you luck in your chosen path!

(adv,n,vs) throb; beat (fast); (P)

October 02, 2004

Voter's ID, Diaryo, Garapa

OMG!!! Do I even need to articulate my rants about this piece of ... identification? How much of the taxpayer's money was pocketed yet again? Will thugs be sent to eliminate me for posting such a derogatory comment?

"no" "hundreds of millions" "probably"

Oh yeah, the barangay people who delivered it asked 10php per id. Is it for the lamination or just plain extorsion? Darn Bry, enough questions!!!

October 01, 2004

Bourne too slow

As I've indulged myself to watch both "bourne" movies, I opted to mention it in this post. They're not bad, and Julia Stiles was kewl!

The title of this post is a spoof of "Born Too Slow" sung by The Crytal Method. Its one of the background tracks used in the game "Need for Speed Underground". You can also say that this song applies to both Osaka and me.

I went out today to pay some bills and deliver some stuff. I was fortunate enough to be able to see "her" after about a month. How thick of me to be only able to say "hi". *grumble*. Sooooo sloooowwww of me.