August 24, 2007

What's your internet connection Plan A, B, C, D...

I was in a state of 'netlessness' for 3 days and the feeling was horrible. It's like a big part of me depends on underwater cables going to Taiwan. One of those mornings I went to Burger King Mayon to connect thru their Wi-Fi... but it was down too. I felt defeated, so I ended up jogging for the hell of it. My work is dependent on the internet and losing it this often or this long is detrimental.

I am seriously thinking of downgrading my current one and getting a second connection to compliment it. So, what is your connection and what is your Plan B, etc?

Primary: Bayan DSL 2Mbps
Plan B: Dial-up (If the phone line is ok)
Plan C: Wi-fi at Burger King
Plan D: GameSquad @ Kamuning

August 15, 2007

A line I never meant to cross...

I have taken another step to becoming an Otaku, one that I never really wanted to take. The figurines above are characters from the anime "Petopeto-san" and I bought them at Toy Kingdom(SM Megamall). I wanted these some time ago when I first saw them, but ended up buying this time because they were on sale. Each is made up of 8 connectable parts, stands 3.5 inches, made of PVC/ABS and is manufactured by Happinet Corporation. They resemble Pinky:st figures. Damage: 300php for both.
These are Keroro Gunsou Gashapon(Capsule Dispensed) Keychains. 2 inches tall and very wiggly. The one you'll get is random but I was fortunate enough to get the ones I wanted. I'll blame Tubay for introducing me to Keroro and Densha Otoko for making me want these keychains. Damage: 100php each.