June 30, 2006

Kat and Arnee

Its quite a surprise to find out that you actually haven't seen someone in 5 years. This was Kat's revelation that night, but it didn't really feel like it. Kat(hbd!), mayk, britan, tseri and I met at Gerry's Grill for dinner. We met up with Tseri's friend and hurried to Bagaberde Pasay.

We arrived at 920pm but even then we had to wait for ____ to perform. I couldn't count the number of times Tseri rolled her eyes during that set. Enough of that... fast forward.

Arnee sang a few cuts from her new album including 'I can't make you love me', 'You got it all' and 'Love Is' with her brother Jeffrey singing in lieu of Piolo. Arnee sounded great as she always does, and Elements band was amazing.

June 28, 2006

Ah! Skuld Likes Pain

Reduced size individual pics here.

Today I set out to give 'skuld' a torture test. Here's what I brought:

Canon EOS 350D with EF-S 18-55mm II kit lens
2 batteries: NB-2LH
Battery Grip with 6 pcs 2100mAh AA batteries.
1 1GB Ridata CF
20GB free space on Yomiko(iBook)
External Flash
Water Bottle

Space: So at the highest quality, that approximates to 300 pics per GB, 21 GB... 6300 pictures.

Battery: Canon estimates 720mAh can take 600 pics so, 720mAh*2 + 2100mAh = 3540mAh ~ 2950 pictures

So what gave up first?

Me! Hahahahaha. Carrying all that equipment around, I was spent after 2 hours and 294 pictures. 80% of the pictures are unique with the rest just near duplicates via continuous shutter. Sheesh, 294 is less than 10% of the battery and 5% of the space limit. For this mission though, its learning and quality over quantity.

What's the next mission?

I'm trying to speed up my learning/relearning time because a couple of people asked me to teach them photography (for free of course). I'm no expert though, so I'm reading tons of eBooks and articles, then trying out their theories myself. This way, I can impart both theory and experience to whomever wants to learn this wonderful thing called photography.

Back to the subject... next mission is: People, person, entity, soul. I've read here of how two shots can beat reels of film and expensive equipment. Right now, I believe this is a weakness I need to overcome. Ever since I started photography, I've been dismal when it comes to people and events. Flowers and buildings won't complain if it takes too long or if you're too close. I'll have to contact Arvi as she expressed interest in doing some modeling. If there's someone in the metro willing to model (for free) for a photographer-wannabe, I'd be glad to arrange an outdoor shoot (I don't have studio stuff yet).

Bonus: Photographic Secret Technique 69: Cheap Super Macro!

I'll tell you how I achieved the macro shots of the mouse and the 5 cent coin. This trick only works for SLRs with interchangable lenses though.

Lenses were designed as precision instruments and are to be used as is. But they are still made of glass; and light can pass through both ways. I can't give you the exact equations, but you can remove the lens, place it in reverse and hold it there (make absolutely sure you don't scratch anything). This can achieve an astounding magnification and focused distance of mere inches. Downsides are: thin depth-of-field, hard-to-hold, and the aperature doesn't work. But WTH, its still a cheap macro :P

June 26, 2006

Three Pics 01

A standard long exposure aimed for light streaks. Pointed the camera towards the headlights to see if the effect was different.
An Apple keyboard button up close.
Care to take a guess what this is?

June 21, 2006

Gimme Some of that Salsa!

In continuing pursuit of both a life and a night-life, I took on Tata's invitation to go and learn Salsa. The group who runs this night is Federacion de Salsa Filipinas, Inc. "It dedicates itself to spreading the JOY of salsa and the unique and genuine friendship shared by Salseros all over the world".

They are indeed a nice bunch of enthusiasts who are there to further promote this dance/attitude/culture and are willing to help you out. At around 10 or 11, Martin(sf president) gave the group lessons from the basic step/timing and progressed to higher level combinations.

I was able to get the steps, but solo vs leading/dancing with a partner are two entirely different things. Tata's friend Steph was brave and kind enough to teach me how to lead, with me getting overwhelmed at some point and losing the count. (Thanks Steph! It was diffucult to switch between listening to you and looking at my feet. My eyes decelarate on its way down *^_^* )

Martin's birthday was also celebrated that night. 'Skuld' and I got an unexpected chance for action. Well, the shots tell the story (I need more practice!!!). We've only been together for 5 days so give us some slack :P

Pics that night
Learn salsa online

Salsa Nights (Tuesdays:9pm) @ Bykes Cafe: Ground Floor La Fuerza Bldg. Pasong Tamo (Chino Roces) cor. Sabio St. Makati City (its somewhere between don bosco and edsa).
Entrance Fee is 150 Php (100 of which is consummable)

June 16, 2006

Last Straw, 'First' Attempt

Triggered by the unfortunate event last week, I went on a spending spree and now I'm at my last staw (we're all hoping that it is). You should get an idea of what I'm talking about by looking at the 2 images above. Originals are at 3456x2304, but these were reduced to 800x533.

The blue lobster is pretty straightforward. 18mm f/4.0 0.2s. The second one is a 5 centavo coin (1.5cm in diameter) and the image is not cropped or zoomed. Its just... magic :)

June 15, 2006

Another Great Night with Sandy and Arnee

Tavern on the Square, Greenbelt 3. June 14, 2006: 830pm

Originally scheduled for the next day (June 15), SanDiLea wonderfully front-acts MYMP with 2 sets of Pop/Jazz lurve. They gave an appreciative crowd a healthy dose of memorable old (but not so old) songs. They also sang their originals like 'People' and 'Forever with You'.

Chris had good comments for SanDiLea like completeness of the sound, Eleanore as probably 'half-black' for vocal cords like that (which is a good thing right?), and being 'psychic' for guessing that he wanted to hear a D'Sound song.

To add to the delight of evening, a surprise (well not so much). Sandy ushered to the stage Arnee Hidalgo to do a song and promote her album (do you have a copy already?*wink*). She hasn't finished her number yet when a request came in for her to sing 'True".

SanDiLea wrapped up their set and gave the stage to MYMP.

Thanks to Tseri and Chris for watching this with me. Thanks to Kuya Jeffrey, Arnee and Jeffrey for bearing with silly old me.

At Sandy's request, there will be no more old pics. So here's some recent pics: (taken forcibly, without hesitation and without permission. Also I'm awaiting on-site pics c/o Tseri)

Stupid is as stupid does

There are moments when you want to hide under a rock and never be seen ever again.
Like blast-off to outer space on a one-way trip to the edge of the universe.
Or be like superman and use brute force to turn back time.

But would I trade that night and not having done that stupid mistake?
No. Because it was time spent with friends.

Thanks for putting up with me.

June 11, 2006

A Night with Arnee and Sandy


It is as if the universe conspired and things just fell into place. A chance to meet two dear people whom I haven't seen in years (or at least talked to personally) was right in front of me.

June 1, 2006 930pm. Bagaberde Roxas.
There wasn't much activity yet so I decided to go and greet Sandy. At that moment, I was happy that I decided to go. We talked a bit, then their set started. It is amazing that they can sound so wonderfully complete. I should have invited more people to watch. One would see that Sandy knows how keep the audience happy and involve them in the performance. Thanks for dedicating a song for me :)

Arnee admits that her band that night 'brown sugar' was asked a bit last minute but even with the reduced amount of practice together, the set was great. She was drowned by the drums in the first few songs but it got better as the songs mellowed down. Sandy went to join me and we enjoyed listening together. Arnee and her brother Jeffrey sang 'My Boo' and he did a solo as well. After Arnee's set, I went to talk to her and was surprised to see her with familiar face: hazel, who's soon going abroad. Arnee and I talked a bit but then she had to go.

SanDiLea's second set went well. Sandy did a duet with a guy who had a birthday, was prepared and sang well (a bit intoxicated too by the looks of his blushing face). The set ended and I asked about her next gig. I'll probably go see her again on the 15th.

Edit: Anyone up for SanDiLea and MYMP on the 14th? or Arnee on the 29th?

Sandy: Fine as sand in an hourglass and a voice as memorable as an ocean
I've known Sandy since Manhid(1996). Her role there was a cursing, screaming, ranting and singing villain, that together with her bubbly real self had me at 'Puñ3+@'. She is now a member of the acoustic band 'SanDiLea'.

Arnee: Presence, Aura and Power.
I enjoyed listening to Arnee way before she sang professionally. In Manhid, Arnee's character was a late bloomer, yet possessed powers greater than all before her. She recently released her second album 'You Got It All' after taking a two-year break. Go and get a copy now :)

"Anata wa baka desu ka?" ("Are you stupid?")

StolenWallet: A Recall

Losing my wallet will be useless unless it prevents the same thing from happening to someone else. So I'll try to recall what happened the best I can.

June 6,2006 4:50pm LRT1 headed to Baclaran. I rode at blumentritt and went down at Gil Puyat Station.
My best guess is that one of the people in front of me did it. My mind was flying off somewhere and they took advantage of that. Or it could also be the man and the really energetic kid behind me.
*Sigh* There's very little to say since most of what happened is still blurry in my mind.

What I lost with the wallet:

One Valid ID, 4 digits in Php, 2 digits in $, one cheque for 5 digits, one cheque for 4 digits.
Anta, baka? (You stupid?)

What Did I Do?
I went out to lose more money... by actually buying stuff.Anta, baka? (You stupid?)

  • I bought a long cheapo wallet.

  • I bought a 2300 Php WallStreet coat for the Larin's wedding (as opposed to renting one for 500 Php)

  • I bought a pair of strange looking Mario d Boro shoes for 809 Php.

  • I bought a mastodonic computer table that I was eyeing months ago. This monster is named Hanjo S600, is 25 kgs and costs 1,900 php. It took some time to assemble but I really love it.

    It used to be that the printer was placed on top of tsunami (older pc). Now most of my stuff fits comfortably on Hanjo.
  • I chipped in for a gift (comforter with pillows) for the Larins.
  • I picked up the tab for the Topaz night out, which was extremely fun.

That was my attempt to forget the loss of my wallet.
Anta, baka? (You stupid?)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Larin

Both the wedding and the reception was amazing. May you guys have a long and happy married life together.

I do need to work on my public speaking skills because the responsorial psalm I led wasn't heard well. I'd like to thank the Larins for asking me to lead it, I opened a bible and confirmed that it was from Psalms 33 and not 32 as the missalette states.

The image is a scan of the souvenir photo-magnet card. From left to right: Dionne and Joven Larin, me, tseri, britan.

Human After All

Therefore it is ok to be afraid, right?

With my many fears, I've discovered yet another one. Frightening, fearsome and incredibly scary. Maybe not of the thing itself, but its influence on me.

A choice that I stood by for so long... a path I must not take. I dove in with reckless abandon and got burned bad. Will I be strong enough to go back?

I must because I chose to.

June 06, 2006


*SIGH*. How it was taken from my carrybag still eludes me. *SIGH*. I'm considerably poorer now and completely miserable about letting my guard down. Crap.

June 04, 2006

The Simple Pleasures of Life

Tagged by: Mika

Instructions: Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.
  1. Finding some gadget/contraption/device that I needed but never got around to look for.
  2. Smiling and getting one in return.
  3. Walking an unfamiliar road, knowing the other end leads home.
  4. Talking to a long missed friend.
  5. Having a fast and stable internet connection (not simple or cheap, but nice all the same)
  6. To watch an anime episode that doesn't show arc stories (*cough*naruto, bleach)
  7. Having something to drink or eat while working/playing/watching.
  8. Not being in the red.
  9. Listening to songs from people I know.
  10. Reading friends blogs and mine being read as well.
I'm tagging: Michii, Maco, Dana, Bong, Clair, Clyde, Jemione, Joven, J, Mic(sana nde mo pa nagawa).