October 30, 2005


Some godfather I am, showing up only once in a blue moon. No wonder she doesn't recognize me :((

I went to the Christening of my friend Reg's 2nd born 'Steffan Alexandre'. I can't believe its been almost 4 years since I was there for Sophia's. Time really makes fools of us in these situations. Here's a pic of Maru(ninang), my cute, adorable and intelligent inaanak, and me.

October 27, 2005

Tagged: random facts

Got tagged by ET for this. Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. Here goes:

1. We're 5 in the family, I have an older brother and a younger sister.
2. I've been constanly bugged by people to get married already.
3. I like chloe from smallville and the actress Meredith Bishop from the series 'Alex Mack'.
4. I used to like chubby/healthy girls, but tastes do evolve over time.
5. I like anime and hentai, so much so that I was nicknamed 'Sarhentai' in rotc.
6. I won 'best borrower' by my grade school library. I probably read all 'Choose your own Adventure' and Hardy Boys books.
7. I'm an engineer but I hate math, higher math at least.
8. I was an alternate(aka waitlisted) in PSHS. I was picked up from my old school and sitting with my new classmates in less than 3 hours.
9. I loved photography in HS. I want to go back to it in the future.
10. I instructed CAT at PSHS for a 2-3 years.
11. I can be such a jerk. I sometimes do the worst possible thing in a situation.
12. Even if I spend majority of my time in front of a CRT monitor, I do have 20/20 vision.
13. I love taking care of people I love (huh?).
14. I fluctuate between lazy and inspired at the wrong times.
15. I can't seem to shake off my kuya image, as much as I would like to.
16. I love tinkering and fixing stuff. My current favorite is cooling fans of computers.
17. I'm not afraid of electricity. I mock 220V. I really liked my practical Power Electronics classes cause we had higher voltages there :P
18. I have horrible memory, or at least it fails me when I need it.
19. As weird as I am, I'm solidly straight.
20. I work for experience and people. I racket for money.

I'm tagging: Bong, Clair, Bob, Michelle, Jem, Clyde, Tubay, Trebs, Jovs... yes, it took me that long coz my pc rebooted :(.

October 23, 2005

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

After my rather embarassing mental fit of a previous post, I'll say that I'm feeling a lot better. Its some sort of a relief to let such angst out.

Anyways, TSR. A core factor of this whole anime is the Sagara Souske's guerilla/military background and strict compliance to rules and regulations. He tries to protect Kaname Chidori but usually ends up screwing the whole situation by being extra paranoid about her safety.

The original series focused on Sagara, the 'Lambda Drive' installed mech aka 'Arbalest' and trying to defeat a crazed terrorist.

Fumoffu was drop-dead funny. Any and all comic parts that they couldn't get away with in the orig series, they stuffed here.

TSR showed the worst case scenario. At the point where Souske and Chidori finally started to realize each others feelings, external forces plotted to split them apart. Chidori left alone feels fear, loneliness and harassment. Souske following orders to abandon Chidori but feeling deep in his heart that he is leaving his true reason to live.

Go grab it! It is definitely a worthy 3rd installment to this amazing anime. Enjoy these following screenies:

October 21, 2005


Must have been sometime in college, maybe even earlier.
When did I turn from a carefree soul into a twisted, stinking, paranoid freak?
A paranoia that drove me to walk four kilometers home everyday just to avoid people.
That made me justify that biking to school was fun.
That made me try out carbon-activated filters to avoid such eventualities.
That made me take an operation just to see if the gallstone was the reason.
That made me stop enjoying the company of friends coz I feel so filthy.

Is there a place where I can trade in this body?
Or maybe this brain?
It ain't all in my head if you're suggesting that it is.
Does filth in one's thoughts materialize itself?
Where does air-headedness go? Down there probably.
So that's why I'm so flatulent.
Pretending to be something when I can't even do things right.
Fuck it, where is this leading?

I once read in a book entitled "Big book of Friendship" or something similar:
"A person will be the last one to know of how he smells. A friend will be one who tells that person that he does."

Does that mean I possibly have friends? Don't be so wishful, fool.

I must really stop and reflect on what the hell I'm doing with my life!

"the results are in amigo, what's left to ponder?"

Fuck it, I'm already 26 and I feel as stupid as ever. 10 years ago, I felt I can do anything. Now I see shackles instead of doors.

Ha! Laugh all you want. Pity me all you wish. I will get out of is personal rut and laugh at it with whole-hearted gusto. Avoid what I have become! Live your life to its fullest. Crush your fears and enjoy the life He has given. Don't be afraid to be hated, despised or loathed; you CAN NOT please everybody. I'm telling myself this as well, for no one will probably say it. I'm writing this down because I'll definitely forget it tomorrow, given my memory.

October 20, 2005


Its so painful when people you think you trust won't tell you anything, or say it to you straight.

October 15, 2005

MMs Week-long Birthday

First of all, happy birthday ther!

Hope it was as happy as it could have been, considering everything that has happened.

Friday night, we followed after the initial round of drinks. We ate at a japanese shop where the food was great, thanks for the choice, eiks. After that we had a bonding-drinking session where we played "Never-ever have I ever..." as suggested by tseri and eventually, truth or dare. The contents of the conversations will stay within the group, so there will be nothing juicy in this blog (don't look at me like that :)) )

Notes on the events of Friday night, I may not have been completely truthful about some of my answers to the truth questions. Whom I like? Was it really an honest answer? So in fairness to the people who asked about it and those who listened to it, I do not know myself. Being free is not totally bad, but if I don't decide to go for someone at the right moment, I might be missing out on life/love.

October 09, 2005

40 year old Virgin

I already decided to skip this movie because the cinema was far and I was running late. It was a really good thing that I changed my mind, thanks tseri.

The lead character Andy is as the title says, at the same time a dork with high value collectibles and rides a bike to work. The story is basically his adventure in getting back into the game with the weird help of his co-workers.

It was hilarious because a lot of people, including myself, found ourselves in the character. Be it being dorky, playing poker, hesitating with opposite sex, made fun by friends or regretting something stupid.

Overall a good r-13 movie you can just laugh to and enjoy.