January 13, 2012

Wednesday The 11th

As much as I like to practice Constant Vigilance, booboos always happen when you let your guard down. Ok, so I lost my phone and sim(circa 2k-ish).

I was feeling down about it and dreading having to inform everyone of my new number. But thanks to the tips of facebook friends and the blog entry here, I was optimistic that I can get my old Prepaid number back.

So here's the breakdown:
100 - Affidavit of loss
40 - micro sim (regular sim was unavailable)

After acquiring my affidavit of loss (the place didn't seem too reliable though), I went to the Globe Center at SM North Edsa Annex and lined up for 15minutes. I explained the situation, filled up a form, gave the AoL and 40php. After a few minutes, I got my new sim with my old number.

In less than 2hrs, the sim was active and my previous load was intact. Thanks Globe!