February 25, 2009

Late 08 Trends - Buraimaku

Here's a quick review of the things that caught my attention during the year that was, 2008.

I was hooked on a couple of tv series, as well as some anime. 'Gossip Girl' tops the list, all thanks to hawt Blair. Got introduced to 'How I Met Your Mother' and really liked it's Awesomeness. I caught up with One Tree Hill, Moira Kelly still has me in her spell. Legend of the Seeker, kinda weak, but dibs on the Confessor :P. 'Knight Rider' 2008 version... weak series, but I'd like to take home the new KIT. 'Merlin' ... not so magical.

Wasn't so updated with anime this year, just caught up on some older ones. 'Macross Frontier' is the latest addition to the Macross universe, a worthy watch over Macross 7. 'One Piece', zomg 390 episodes and counting, but it is pleasant enough to watch. 'Hajime no Ippo New Challenger' is the continuation of the story; a must-watch.

Games: Persona 3 FES rocks. Persona 4 - haven't found time to play, because I know it'll fetch 200+ hours of my life. DOTA here and there.

Notable commercials: 'Gloria and Barrack','Ang lakas ko-arthro', 'Makulay ang Buhay'. 'VCO exorcism' and 'VCO long-haired guy'. 'Rexona Men'-cheerleaders.

Great new products: 'Schick Quattro' costly but well worth it. 'St.Ives Blemish and Blackhead facial scrub' great cleaning and scent. Old Spice Body Wash. Blue Touch hand soap. Pulpy discharge... I mean Orange. Lucky Me-No cook. Jonas beef mami. Dip n Chkn.

Of Christmases past

Looking back, the Christmas of 2008 was simple and humble for me. That month, I attended two weddings, held a Christmas party for streetkids (pisay96) and the celebration of the day itself was with the family at Bulacan. The family celebrated it a bit better last year by eating out at a hotel, but I think I prefer it just homey and intimate.

I didn't bother writing a wishlist, because it normally ends up that I don't get them or I buy them myself. Thankfully enough, I did get great gifts: a spankin' nice celio from my sis and seeing a dear old friend.

There were moments though that made it the worst xmas yet. Want to grab some coffee?

Who is Brymac?

The next three posts is for everyone, but specifically for a certain project. That is, I'm not sure how I got involved or why I'm helping out. Oh, well...

I'm living a Freelance lifestyle, working at home and taking pictures for fun. I'm part of Techbanana, a company that I started with my close friends. I find things like electronics, photography and videos are on top of my interest list. There are some things that I want and aspire to have/achieve in life, but I'd rather not divulge them here. I'd rather they be things discussed over coffee :P

Break your rules

*** Warning: Adult Content ***

Ok, I've forbidden myself from talking about actual pron here on my blog, but I'll have to make an exception. I just saw two incredible girls, each with previous amazing videos, star in one crazy threeway.

I'd have to shut up now :))

February 22, 2009

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

I found this through one of my 'sources' and downloaded the audiobook.

Features: Contains five stories including 'The Tale of the Three Brothers' that was included in the Harry Potter book. Added to it was commentaries from Albus Dumbledore who alluded to some events in his life as well as 'historic' accounts.

I kind of liked it. It's like a HP version of DVD movies with Director/actor commentaries. It mixes the writings of 3 different people (but just one real author): Beedle, Albus and JKR herself.

February 21, 2009

I Got Stung...

I was on my way to a shoot with Mimi and Trebs, so I started closing my bag when I felt a sharp prick. When I looked closer, I saw a medium sized scorpion where the bag's zipper was. Thinking fast, I grabbed some alcohol and showered the affected area. I then grabbed my pointed tweezers and captured it.

I then googled and tried to find symptoms and species of deadly scorpions. Reading a bit and feeling nothing out of the ordinary, I left for my scheduled shoot.

After I got home, and not really harboring any ill feelings to the lil squirt, I decided to keep it as a pet. Again with the help of google, I researched a bit about how to take care of it.

So, if I manage to keep it alive for a week, can you help me give it a name?

February 19, 2009

PhP 270M Fail

Well, it's not like their budget matches their prizes :P

February 09, 2009

Neo Vivid 1190

Had this netbook (Neo Vivid 1190) in my possesion for a short while (added antivirus:AVG, spybot, openoffice, etc). I looked at the neo website and they didn't have downloads for this model yet (attn neo). So I looked at the bottom and saw that the model number is J10IL1.

With just that model number and Google, I managed to locate the real manufacturer(Equus CS) and at least they had easy to find downloads for this one. I found the driver there so I downloaded it. But it seemed that that was already installed, so why is the webcam not working or was not detected? Duh! There's a Fn + F12 that enables the webcam. Duh?! Wow, a computer noobie moment... haven't had that in a while :))

General impression: Its kinda nice. XP is relatively responsive. Built is sort of bulky but 'macho'.