July 31, 2005

Info Text Messaging With a Smile ^_^

"Never blog about work" is something I follow diligently, but on this occasion please let me indulge myself along with my shameless plugging.

I succeeded and maintain a project named PCSO Enhanced Lottery Information System. It is an information text service that enables users to access up-to-date results from PCSO games. Our team tries its hardest to make the service as user-friendly as possible, but users are only people and are bound to make mistakes:

do: "PCSO ELIS", "PCSO INFO", "LOTTO ON", "SWEEP ON", "LOTTO OLD lotto6/42 07/30/2005"

top 4 amazing don'ts:

4 "PCSO ELIS GAGO UBOS N LOD KO WALA PNG INFO GAGO", please minimize rude words in your message.
3 "PCSO ELIS Ano ho ang lalabas sa lotto 2day" , if i knew, i'd be rich by now.
2 "Pcso Elis good am de ko po alam ang result sa lotto d2 kase ako sa lamay sa kapatid ko tulongan nyo po akong manalo." , i'd like to help but the system is only a series of 'switch-case' and 'if-elses' and has no functions for pity and sympathy.
1 "PCSO ELIS AKO PO MATGAL NG MANANAYA SA PCSO BKT PO ANG EZ 2 KAILANGAN PANG INCORECT ORDER EH HUWETENG DN PO YAN DAPAT KAHT ANO MAUNA DPAT TMAMA ANG MAMAY..." , hmmm... you should voice this out to PCSO itself, that is if they don't kick you in jail haaahahahaha .

Anyway, if you're interested in the service or have some load to make us laugh our brains out

text PCSO ELIS to 483(smart), 2219(Globe), 2823(Sun)

July 25, 2005

Potter Puffs


July 17, 2005

Half-Blood Prince

Never let your guard down

After a years wait JK Rowling's Harry Potter book six hit the shelves yesterday. As a real fan of the series, I was one of the eager crowd who ran once SM north was opened. After getting the book, I went straight home and was so excited I let my guard down. A mother and baby sat beside me in the jeep and had knicked my digicam right under my nose. I only found out when I got home and tried to find it. Bad luck... oh well, I sorta hated that one anyway. Must save up for a better one.

Anyways, by pre-ordering the book I got 10% off and a P100 book coupon, so it cost me P1,350.

How was it? It was cool. The story had its hilarious moments that made me laugh out loud. But generally, the mood of the whole book was dark and full of loss. It is a fitting prelude to the last book.

SUPER SPOILER AREA(meaning you must have read the book already)

Since book 4 JK has been sending significant characters hurtling to their deaths. But I'm not too happy how seemingly useless and insignificant Sirius' death seemed in book 6. I was hoping that it would trigger something big or amazing in Harry... pfffft.

Anyways, as much as I hate to admit it, Snape may still be working for the good side. Dumbledore was not pleading for his life... but pleading Snape to finish him off. Why? For a number of reasons: To save the Malfoys, To enable Snape to gain total confidence from the Death Eaters and Voldemort so he can sneak and destroy the remaining Horcruxes, and to save Snape himself due to the unbreakable vow.

I kinda liked how Harry's lovelife turned out. its was 6 years in the making but it was well worth it. "The Beast" in him? Sounds like Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy). That uber snogging scene was fantastic! Can't wait to see it in the movies! hahahaahhahhaha.