February 25, 2012

The Two TeraByte Test

Having noticed that a good chunk of my time is spent on managing files(downloads) across 4 hard disks, I opted to canvas/look for a reasonably priced 2TB HD. I was eyeing this WD 2TB from PCX but its price went up from 5300php to 5620php, and it wasn't available in sm north. After looking around I spotted that model in another shop for 6k (neg 5800). In another shop, I chanced upon this 2TB HP SimpleSave for 5,500php. I pondered a bit, and decided to go with the HP. Weird thing is, looking at the support website, it's hpsupport.wdc.com ... so it's essentially a WD too.
I've had bad experiences with HP/Compaq as Laptops, but I do recall that a Hard Disk from that is still running quite well. I'll torture this 2TB as much as I can and report here my findings.

Initial Impressions:
  • USB 3.0 but is backward compatible to USB 2.0
  • Relatively Fast: RapidCRC speed of 38.28MB/s
    vs Combi (Seagate 7200rpm 80GB:CDRking 3.5" USB2.0 enclosure) 26.33MB/s
    vs Seagate 7200rpm internal SATA 48.38MB/s
  • Upright, with Blue Blinky Light thingy
  • Not too hot (temp)
  • Separate power source/adapter with long cord.
  • USB 3.0 cable, half meter-ish.